Moisturisers that heal and repair

The way to radiant, clear skin without harsh chemicals for different skin types


In my early working life as a chemist, I used a lot of off the shelf creams and makeup only to find that these products irritated my skin and caused me more problems than they solved.

So after trying many types of creams eventually I acknowledged that I was allergic to most creams I could buy and this is when I decided to find my own solution for my problem.


I started by studying the healing properties of flowers and herbs discovering which plants I did and did not react to. Using this knowledge I started growing the most nourishing and healing flowers and herbs in my garden.

Once they had matured enough to start harvesting I dried and distilled their flowers and leaves until they were ready to be used to make my own creams.


At first, I only made the cream for myself, however, when I saw how good they were for my skin I started giving some to my family and friends.

After finding that the creams were working so well I started making bigger batches so I could sell them at local markets.

5 Skins beginnings

As more and more people saw the positive result that my creams were having on their skin they began to spread the word and recommend my creams to their families and friends.

I have been making 5 Skin creams for 14 years now and over this time I have seen my sales increase. I am now looking to expand by selling my product wholesale in stores such as yours so many more people can gain the benefits of using my creams.

It makes me happy to know that I can help others with their skin problems and it is my aim to help as many people as I can.