Moisturisers that heal and repair

The way to radiant, clear skin for different skin types without harsh chemicals.

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5 Skins Natural Moisturisers With Healing Properties

Unique natural healing moisturisers made from flowers and herbs grown in Tasmania, Australia.
The flowers and herbs are sun-ripened until they at their peak and picked by Patricia.
They are then seeped in purified water or oil for 6 to 18 months before being used.
The end product is blended with sorbolene or lanolin so it quickly absorbs into the skin and is safe to use on the face and body.
5 Skins is named after the 5 unique blends of herbs and flowers used to treat the 5 most common skin types.

"I have been using Patricia’s creams for the last 8 years and have tried all 5 of her creams at different times over this period.

My skin had been severely sun damaged by constant sun baking when I was young and all of the 5skin creams have been fantastic in improving my damaged skin.

I bought some for my children and grandchildren and often give them as presents to friends. I love Patricia’s creams so much that I now recommend them all the time to anyone who is interested.

From the heart thank you for making such a great product".

Paula | Duffys Forest NSW

"I bought your eczema cream for my ten year old daughter Amber because she had been suffering from eczema since the start of winter. I just wanted to share the good news that her skin has improved dramatically after using your cream for only a couple of days.

Amber even said she could feel a difference the first day after we started using it. I was so happy when she said this and am so pleased that I can actually see it was getting better everyday. Thank you so much!

I have a friend whose daughter also suffers from eczema around her eyes. I have told her how much my daughter’s eczema had improved since using your cream and now she wants to try as well.

I am so glad I listened to my instinct and returned to buy it from you. I strongly recommend anyone who suffers eczema to give it a go".

Polly | Grateful Customer

Natural Moisturisers That Heal

Heals and repairs sun-damaged skin

Revitalises and heals mature skin

Protects and heals sensitive skin

Assists the healing of eczema, psoriasis,  most bites and stings

Relieves acne infections and minor cuts and bruises

"I purchased the Pink 5 Skins cream last year when visiting Hobart. I am in my late 30’s and acne breakouts on my face like when I was a teenager.

The cream has cleared my skin nicely and I continue to use it because I have had remarks how good my skin looks since I started using it. Simply love it".

Dianne | Mt Annan NSW

"I first encountered 5 Skins when I met Patricia at a local market: as a textile artist who washes her hands very frequently, I was constantly suffering from dry and cracked skin.

Pat recommended one of her creams, which I applied, and the problem was solved so fast I was genuinely amazed!

Since then I have used nothing but 5 Skins on my hands, face and neck with beautiful results. I now recommend the 5 Skins creams to everybody".

Rasa | Hobart TAS

"Patricia, we are really blessed to find your cream.

My father tried so many things before, now most of the patches on his skin are smoothed out and not as itchy as before.

Also, my son's acne is getting better with your acne cream.

Thanks again, best of luck with your business".

Vivian | Melbourne VIC

Basic Ingredients

Flower Oils
Herb Oils
Evening Primrose Oil
Emu Oil
Blended sorboline or lanolin to allow for deep penetration into the skin layers
* Full ingredients list for each cream is shown on individual product pages.